Gabriela Sánchez y Sánchez de la Barquera is a Mexican-Dutch designer.

She was born and raised in Mexico City and is a graduate from The Design Academy Eindhoven, city where she lives since 2005. GSYSB creates storytelling through textiles and drawings. She has built an equilibrium between colourful patterns and intriguing dark illustrations; a balance between sensitive stories and confronting statements. 
GSYSB gives lectures and workshops about identity, branding, handwriting and  communication. 

Gabriela Sánchez y Sánchez de la Barquera is Head of Creative Projects and Senior Print Designer at Vlisco.



2008. NEID. The University of Art and Design. Helsinki. Finland.
2008. NII. DAE Galleries. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
2009. GRIEF. DAE Galleries. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
2009. GREIF. DAE, DDW2009. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
2010. SUPERORGANISM. Nova Gallery, DDW2010. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
2011. ARNHEM FASHION BIENNALE. Coco-mat. Arnhem, The Netherlands.
2013. SPIROU ROBBEDOES. Seed Factory. Brussels, Belgium.
2014. MAD Museum. NY, USA.
2014. FORTUNA Seed Factory. Brussels, Belgium.
2015. PEN IS ART Seed Factory. Brussels, Belgium.
2016. September. COFFEE Reykjavik, Iceland. Roasters. Reykjavik, Iceland.
2016. December. COFFEE. Paris, France.
2017. February. COFFEE. Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
2017. March. COFFEE. Paris, France. 


2014. CREATIVE INDUSTRIES TALK. Creative Identity. Mexican Embassy, The Netherlands.
2016. April. Creator and mentor of the course on CREATIVE IDENTITY at Digital Culture Center, Mexico City. 
2016. June. Creator and mentor of the course on Creative Identity at TagCDMX festival, Mexico City. 
2016. September. Lecture at Iceland Academy of the Arts on Identity in Creativity
2017. February. Lecture at UNAM. Mexico. 
2017. February. Workshop at UNAM. Mexico.
2017. March. Roundtable at Iceland Academy of the Arts. Iceland.
2017. March. Workshop at Reykjavik School of Visual Arts. Iceland.
2017. April. Lecture at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The Netherlands
2017. May-June. Workshop at DAE X Vlisco. The Netherlands. 
2017. September. Lecture at Tbilisi Photo Festival. Georgia. 
2017. December. Workshop at Elisava. Spain. 


Printed publications

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2013. Periódico Reforma. 6th, April.
2013. Spirou Robbedoes. Seed Factory. Brussels, Belgium.
2014. Fortuna. Seed Factory. Brussels, Belgium.
2015. Pen is Art. Seed Factory. Brussels, Belgium.
2015. El mundo en las manos. Mexicanos en el Extranjero. Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, México. 
2015. Papel picado. Reforma newspaper, Mexico. 
2015. Papel picado, Independence Day, Mexico.
2016. GSYSB. La Tempestad, Mayo 2016. México
2016. Reforma. México en seda. México, 25th June, 2016.
2016. Revista Vocero. August.
2016. Luces de Libertad exhibition catalogue. Diez Company, Astro lighting, Pro Mujeres Cautivas, October.
2016. Dec-Jan, Caffeine Magazine, issue 24, UK. 

Online publications