GSYSB gives a lecture on Identity in Creativity at The Iceland Academy of Arts in Reykjavik

On Tuesday September 6th at 12:15 Gabriela Sánchez y Sánchez de la Barquera gives the lecture “Identity in Creativity” as part of GESTAGANGUR, lecture series by The Department of Design and Architecture at Iceland Academy of the Arts. The lecture takes place in lecture room A at Þverholt 11.

Gabriela Sánchez y Sánchez de la Barquera was born in Mexico and is a graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven. Her studio GSYSB based in The Netherlands specialises in storytelling through textiles and illustrations. Within her practice she has built equilibrium between colourful patterns and intriguing dark images, sensitive stories and confronting statements. 
Gabriela works as textile print designer for Vlisco, a Dutch textile brand that has since 1846 had a wide impact in West-African fashion.

She will share her story, her experience from Mexico, at Design Academy Eindhoven, and her view of how discovering one’s handwriting can be a key tool to find a creative path. She will illustrate how she looks back at her roots and the fascinating world of Vlisco.

The lecture is in English and open to the public.