The Hague University of Applied Sciences has invited GSYSB for a lecture and a round table participation


Gabriela Sánchez y Sánchez de la Barquera was guest speaker in the opening event of the annual design exhibition at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
The exhibition was held on 6th and 7th of April (IDE Expo 2017). There have been organised three separate events during the exhibition. The discussion panel was the opening under the title: "Make Design Great Again! 
During the session we discussed about 'Design' vocabulary that is continuously updated with new terms such as 'Design thinking', 'User Centered Design', 'Open Innovation', 'Sustainable Design', 'Multidisciplinary Design', 'Entrepreneurial Design', 'Green or Eco or Bio Design', 'Social Design' or 'Design Activism' which are meant to support the values and needs of our societies.
Similar to products, these design terms evolve through their life from infancy to maturity. While such design paradigms could transcend into awareness, everyday life practices or effective policies, they can also be misused as means of claiming authority or become devaluated as labels to enhance sales.

On April 6th GSYSB was invited to join the conversation to discuss this matter with students. During the presentation GSYSB shared:
- The story of her career path.
- Her experience in working with diverse types of clients or projects.
- Her professional engagement with the promise of these terms and if her experience of working in the design field matches the 'claim' in practice.