GSYSB is proud of being part of ASTRO+DIEZ+Luces de Libertad catalogue

Gabriela Sánchez y Sánchez de la Barquera has been asked by DIEZ in collaboration with ASTRO lighting to intervene one eclipse ASTRO lamp with a hand drawing made during her stay last July in Mexico City. 

The lamp has been part of an auction in profit of Pro Mujeres Cautivas, a Mexican charity helping the social re-location of incarcerated women.  

The piece, together with other 20, will be exhibited at BLEND during Design Week Mexico

GSYSB interviewed by Folio. / La Tempestad

Folio. magazine together with La Tempestad have interviewed Gabriela Sánchez y Sánchez de la Barquera during her three months stay in her home country. They talked about her textile work at Vlisco, her GSYSB portfolio, her experience in The Netherlands and her thoughts about Mexico. 


GSYSB gave a workshop on Creative Identity at CCD in Mexico City, thanks to all!


En este taller de Gabriela Sánchez y Sánchez de la Barquera, estudiaremos los básicos sobre la creación de repetición, técnicas de impresión en estampado textil y espacialmente el autoconocimiento creativo e  importancia de la identidad de autor. Esto a través de un taller sobre diseño Holandés, referencias mundiales en el estampado de autor y diseño de estampado batik que GSYSB ha desarrollado en Vlisco (marca textil de moda numero uno en África). El alumno experimentará los principios para armar una colección de estampado textil para moda.


Proporcionar una visión general del diseño en Holanda, guiar y motivar a los alumnos en el proceso de autoconocimiento creativo, supervisar la elaboración de una colección de estampados para moda, despertar el instinto creativo individual y entender la manera de presentar una colección.

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Faith collection

Model Jeanne Clavel wearing the scarf collection Faith, now available for sale at GSYSB!

A scarf collection inspired by Mexican home remedies, hidden faith and superstition.
Technique: Inkjet print
Material: 100%silk crepe
Size: 200x65cm

Photographer: Didier Lebon
Stylist: Gabriela Sánchez y Sánchez de la Barquera
Photography editior: Luis Castillo
Model: Jeanne Clavel 

New Papel Picado design for Mexico's Independence Celebration

This Papel Picado piece is designed together with Didier Lebon.
It is specially made as a contemporary craft to be used during the 15 of September, the commemoration of the Mexican Independence from Spain. 
The motif represents a historical moment named "El Grito de Dolores" from Miguel Hidalgo, one of the country's heroes. "de Dolores" stands for the town where he initiated the battle. 

Didier Lebon and Gabriela Sanchez y Sanchez de la Barquera have redesigned this imagery and generated a word-game. Instead of "the shout at Dolores town" it is to be read "The shout of pain".

This piece is a metaphor about the constant violence occurring nowadays in Mexico and the emptiness while searching for a reason to celebrate.  

This is an on-going collection, for the complete selection click HERE 

Reforma newspaper speaks about our upcoming projects in Mexico.




Papel picado is an on-going  project made in collaboration with Didier Lebon and craftsmen in Mexico.  
Papel Picado (Chiseled Paper) is a handcraft in Mexico, commonly hanged during different celebrations. Motifs vary from national heroes, heart shapes, sculls, flowers, memorable phrases (Viva Mexico!), symbols of freedom and peace, among others. GSYSB together with producer Didier Lebon research contemporary Mexican imagery and facts, re-design motifs and produce hand-made Papel Picado in Mexico.
Examples of new themes are the definition of Modern Rites of Passage, new political portraits to admire, media heroes, recent deceased personalities to mourn for. The collection reflects new expressive needs from the citizens and updated values and feelings. It works for the people to enhance their national identity either with pride or as a protest object.


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