Reforma newspaper speaks about our upcoming projects in Mexico.




Papel picado is an on-going  project made in collaboration with Didier Lebon and craftsmen in Mexico.  
Papel Picado (Chiseled Paper) is a handcraft in Mexico, commonly hanged during different celebrations. Motifs vary from national heroes, heart shapes, sculls, flowers, memorable phrases (Viva Mexico!), symbols of freedom and peace, among others. GSYSB together with producer Didier Lebon research contemporary Mexican imagery and facts, re-design motifs and produce hand-made Papel Picado in Mexico.
Examples of new themes are the definition of Modern Rites of Passage, new political portraits to admire, media heroes, recent deceased personalities to mourn for. The collection reflects new expressive needs from the citizens and updated values and feelings. It works for the people to enhance their national identity either with pride or as a protest object.


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